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Catania and surroundings

Re Martino Residence is ideally situated within easy reach of a variety of places that are perfect for entertainment and relaxation as well as being close to the city’s main business and shopping districts with a host of opportunities to discover good food and local history. And all just a short walk or drive away.

Some suggestions Re Martino Residence is in the southern-most part of the Picanello district and is very close to the sea (the small fishing ports of San Giovanni Li Cuti and Ognina, Catania’s stupendous seafront which is home to some of the city’s most popular bars, ice-cream parlours, restaurants, gyms and beauty salons) and is only a short distance from the main business and shopping areas such as Via Giacomo Leopardi, Corso Italia, Piazza Europa (where the city’s leading stores can be found).

A few minutes’ drive will take to the new Exhibition Centre on Viale Africa, which in recent years has become Catania’s leading cultural and exhibition venue, as well as the old town which is now at the heart of dynamic cultural output during the day, and a lively, fast-paced nightlife.

catania - piazza duomo

catania - castello ursino

catania - teatro massimo bellini

Catania - Anfiteatro romano


The Graeco-Roman theatre, the venue for some of the most prestigious International festivals in the world, is second only to the theatre in Siracusa. The Palazzo Corvaja, the Naumachie, and the Palazzo dei duchi di Santo Stefano are among the dozens of other attractions that make a trip to Taormina an experience visitors simply can’t miss.


Etna is a fundamental destination for those who spend their holidays in this area of ​​Sicily. The volcano can be visited thanks to the numerous trails that are open to all visitors.

“La Valle del Bove” is one of the volcanic depressions that can be visited on the eastern side. Evocative is the “Grotta del Gelo” a cavity within which a perennial glacier has formed.

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The Cyclops Riviera

Acicastello, located in a wide inlet along the east coast of Sicily, at the foot of a basalt massif, developed around the original Norman keep and today can be considered as part of Catania’s hinterland.

Castello Normanno, this Norman keep was built entirely from lava stone blocks in 1076.

The square in front of the keep, bordered to one side by the Chiesa Madre church also made from lava stone, is a great place from which to enjoy a panoramic view over the “Cyclops Riviera”, with the enigmatic “Faraglioni” rocks jutting out from the waves in the background.


Acireale lies on a lava ridge overlooking the sea. Its Carnival is renowned throughout Italy, always an attraction for adults and children.

The “La Timpa” Oriented Nature Reserve is a regional reserve in Sicily, which falls within the territory of the municipality of Acireale (CT). La Timpa is a promontory of about 80 m high characterized by tiered volcanic rocks and by various faults where a dense vegetation grows.

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